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Welcome to our ESE Coffee Pod & Coffee shop on the web.  place your order using our secure payment system. We supply both retail and trade customers across the UK who have come to rely on the service and reputation that we have worked hard to achieve. - Oh and naturally our prices are some of the keenest you will find anywhere! We are owned by Espressione International Ltd so your are buying your ESE pods direct from the importer

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ESE Coffee Pods

The UK ESE Coffee Pod experts, superb coffee, unbelievable prices and legendary service!

In 2000 a group of international coffee traders formed a partnership to identify the best roasters to produce ESE Pods and the UK division became the exclusive importers of coffee from Caffe Gioia in Campania. Southern Italy. The relationship has lasted until today.

Why Caffe Gioia? What are ESE Pods?

Caffè Gioia favors production in its own establishments, located in the Campania region, where the culture of high quality coffee has always been strongly rooted.  The company, owner of production plants covering an area of about 8000 square meters, has invested in technologically advanced systems, equipped with a system that performs the "ecological roasting" of raw coffee which allows the beans to be uniformly roasted from the heart to the outside, thus obtaining a sweeter and more aromatic drink in the cup. The ecological roasting of the coffee takes place using flows of 100% clean hot air which preheat the green coffee to prevent it from undergoing thermal shocks at the time of roasting, and in the total absence of combustion fumes, contrary to what occurs in traditional machines.   Since its establishment, the company has always been oriented towards the continuous search for quality, starting with the selection of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees from the main producing countries of South America, Central and Caribbean America, Africa and of Asia.  Since 1997 Gioia was among the first companies in southern Italy to produce paper pods and in 1998 among the founding members of the ESE Consortium) the packaging of coffee pods in single-serving filter paper, in the 44mm format
Espressione have thus found the ideal solution to enable small establishments to serve fresh espresso or cappuccino to their customers at little cost and with minimum waste. There is no doubt that customer demand for espressos and cappuccinos have greatly increased in the past decade, with the onset of the café society and an undeniable influence from Europe. The majority of establishments in the catering trade now offer such an option, but for smaller bars and coffee shops training staff to use the traditional Cappuccino machines coupled with the high level of waste can mean they lose out in the long run.

So what is an ESE Pod?

The key to its success is an ESE coffee pod (just like a round tea bag), which contains enough espresso coffee for one cup. Each ESE coffee pod is individually wrapped in an airtight wrapper, which means the coffee has that “just roasted” taste with no waste and minimal skill required by the operator. It contains 7 grams of coffee, more than most capsule systems.

Just for Restaurants?

No. ESE pods can be used in domestic pump coffee machines with removeable filter handles ( that’s most of them) and dedicated ESE machines which we sell. No mess, and cheaper than capsules!  

Blends in ESE Pods.

We have Decaffeinated, 100& Arabica and Arabica/ Robusta blends, the latter for the greatest Crema, all sold in boxes of 150.
We also stock Double Pods. Ask for details.



Damien Watson was the first Espressione distributor in the UK and after 20 years is retiring and handing the distribution back to Espressione International Ltd run by Bob Payman, now based in Harlesden North West London. Bob was one of the founders of Espressione in 2000. There is no change in products or prices, and goods will be despatched from Harlesden instead of Hinckley. Sarah’s Coffee Company website will remain in existence for the present. Damien is around and happy to speak to you, same telephone number or you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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